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The script.

Are you that guy, with a fridge full of ingredients, but no clue what to cook? Or that girl, that loves to inspire others with her culinary creations? Two worlds apart, but a perfect match!

Hi, we’re Foodimus! The

AI driven food inspiration app.

A place for you to find, share and store food inspiration. Simply upload a picture of your dish and tag all ingredients. You can add a full recipe and even categorize posts based on cuisine, flavor and dietary preferences. So your posts can easily found by thousands of other users.

Because of automated translation technology, food inspiration from all over the world is made available to you in your own language. And as the system uses AI to learn and become smarter, soon, it will automatically start filling in the ingredients for you.

Very exciting…. but, are you just in need for some food inspiration? Enter the ingredients that are in your fridge get inspired and start cooking!

Foodimus, never run out of food inspiration again!

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