RWE – Sustainable forestry


Subject:Sustainable forestry


Style:Custom Animation

Story:RWE enables sustainable biomass combustion for energy production with its sustainable forestry.

The script.

Sustainable biomass firing for energy production. There’s no such thing, is there? You’re mistaken!

The furniture in your house and the paper you write on. They are the result of forestry. But what happens to the crooked trees, stumps, branches, bark and sawdust that are leftover? This biomass can be used for energy production.

New and remaining trees are given space to grow on the site of the felled trees. They form a

healthy and vibrant forest, that continuously absorbs CO2 and supplies wood for new products and biomass. Which completes the circle.

This makes sustainable biomass firing an endless source of energy. Stable and reliable in addition to solar and wind energy!

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