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It is our mission to create understanding between people. To do this, we create a lot of video content for our clients. And while this is great, AnyStories are a little different…

Every other month we publish a new video about a topic that we (and you) feel is relevant to the world. This can literally be about any story. Working with Cooler Media contributes to the creation of these non-profit videos since we donate about 10% of our profits to this project.

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AnyStory for the European Space Agency
250.000+ views on the first day ♥

Our AnyStory knowlegde partners

Turning a complex message into a piece of cake

Creating a good story takes time, knowledge, and a lot of hard work. That is why we are always looking for knowledge partners that can help us verify and improve scripts and topics. We are always looking for new things to explain. Are you an expert on an interesting topic? Then we would like to partner with you for our next AnyStory. Discuss the possibilities with our team!

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AnyStory topics always focus on a worldwide audience, should relate to a broad group of people, and need to create the largest impact possible.

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We develop develop an unbiased storyline that explains the most important information in about 3 minutes. We stay objective, state the facts and make them clear to everyone.

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All our latest AnyStories have a knowledge partner that fact-checks our work. Often these partners add tremendous value by helping us take a deep dive into a certain topic.

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Our team is given total freedom when it comes to the look and feel of our AnyStories. Every topic gets an unique design which offers the opportunity to experiment with new techniques.

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A good story needs an audience. Through the social media channels of our partners and ourselves, we spread the message worldwide!

Tim Flohrer

Head of Space Debris – European Space Agency (ESA)

“Modern societies are increasingly dependent on applications and services through a space-based infrastructure. The growth of space debris puts the sustainable use of space at risk and ESA is very interested in raising the awareness about space debris. Working on an animation addressing space debris with the team of Cooler Media has been an excellent opportunity resulting in a concise, appealing, and content-rich video that supports ESA’s outreach spot-on.”

Do you want to become our partner?

This is what we do

We take care of the complete production of the AnyStory. We put 120+ hours of love and passion into it! This includes:

  • Knowlegde session
  • Script writing
  • Style development
  • Storyboard
  • Animation
  • Sound design
  • Content writing
  • Marketing (distribution through social media, website, e-mailcampaigns and YouTube advertising)

This is what you do

What do you need to do as a partner? Not much! During a knowledge session, we discuss what we need to create a good story. If you’d like, you can also provide feedback on the final script and have a look at the designs and animations during the process. Then we’ll discuss how we’re going to distribute it. In summary:

  • Script session and sharing knowledge
  • Feedback on the final script
  • Marketing distribution through your own channels

That’s it!

Become a partner

AnyStory FAQ's

Collaborating with us on the AnyStory won’t cost you anything. At most it will require about an hour of your time for a knowlegde session and roughly another hour to review the final scrit and distribute the video.

If you’re enhusiastic, you’re welcome to follow along in the subsequent steps of the production process. The actual value of the AnyStory is difficult to express in a fixed amount, as it depends on factors such as the techniques used and the length of the video, which determines the number of production hours involved. We strive to make each AnyStory better. If you were to commission an AnyStory, you should expect a rate of approximately 10,000 euros per minute.

We provide each AnyStory aimation with a unique design that we create in-house and then animate. This project allows our specialists to have creative freedom and develop certain skills. Think of a scriptwriter, producer, art director, designer, animator, and marketer. In other words, an AnyStory is comparable to our Cooler Special animations, our most exclusive product!

We always tell our creative team, “Make it awesome!” Additionally, we strive to share the AnyStories with as broad an audience as possible. That means it should be understandable for everyone and interesting to anyone, from your neighbor to your manager, and even the student who delivers your groceries. We also consider the following:

  • It provides an objective analysis of a specific issue. We don’t lean towards opinions and always highlight multiple sides of the story.
  • It includes scientifically proven information. That’s why we collaborate with knowledgeable partners! We only share factual information and eliminate misinformation.
  • It tells a unique story that has received little attention or requires further explanation. We don’t want more of the same! However, we welcome more depth or a different perspective.

Once we enter into a partnership with a client, we immediately start with the planning process. Typically, the turnaround time for an AnyStory is 6 weeks from the start of the collaboration. However, this may vary depending on the topic. Some issues are better suited for specific seasons or periods, and we take that into consideration. Regardless, we always prioritize the production of our AnyStory, so you won’t have to wait long to see the final result!

Not at all! Our mission is to explain important matters. After that, you can continue working with your current video, design, and animation provider. But of course, you can always give us a call. 😉

We take care of the entire creative process, so you as a partner don’t have to do much! We utilize your expertise for the knowledge, and we use our expertise to translate it into a powerful AnyStory animation. However, we always appreciate extra involvement. During the knowledge session, you can contribute your thoughts on style choices. Additionally, we can involve you in intermediate stages such as the storyboard and the initial version of the video, in addition to the script.

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Nick Bökkerink
Explanation Director

Do you want to make the world less complex together?

Do you want to contribute to the next AnyStory as a partner? Share your idea with us.