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Since 2011, Cooler Media has specialized in creating clear explainer videos for the most complex messages. From commercials to animations and corporate films to infographics. With our experienced animators and creative storytellers, we ensure that your message is presented in a visually appealing and effective way. Countless organizations have gone before you, so choose to have a 2D animation made!

Don’t hesitate to ask all your questions to us about our 2D animation studio. Contact us for a free consultation and find out how 2D animation can bring your story to life.

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Custom or Standard animation?

Are you looking for a fully customized animation where you can have complete control over the video? Or are you searching for an affordable and quick solution for your project? We offer the perfect option for your budget in both cases!

Custom Animations

Fully customized animations where every choice regarding design, sound, and voice is completely customizable. All the custom animations we create are unique and fully aligned with your brand identity. All design files become your property, enriching your brand.

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Standard (pre-designed) animations

High-quality animations with a selection out of five design styles. Each style is carefully crafted and exclusive to Cooler Media clients. Affordable and quickly produced! All standard animations are always customized to match your brand's colors, logo, and fonts.

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  • The result is key, that is why we work with a clear strategy
  • For every budget we offer the highest quality in audio and video
  • More than 3000 unique explainer videos in 11+ years of hard work
  • Free advise for every service
  • We deliver fast
  • No surprises, always a fixed price for every service
  • Clients review us with a steady 9+
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Our animation production process


The first step of the process is developing the general concept and script of the animation. Once you have chosen the style of animation you wish to go ahead with, we plan a ‘Magic Meeting’. During this meeting, you tell us everything about your service, product, or idea and we translate that concept onto the screen. Together we develop a concrete script with voice-over lines. Of course, all this is tailored to your needs, preferences, and budget. The meeting will end when we have visualized the first scenes of the animation in the form of a storyboard.

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During this step of the process, we create the first sketches of the storyboard and the complementary lines. Everything will be transformed into final designs and text for the characters, symbols, or icons. Using what we call a ‘Visual Design’ we present our work to you. In this Visual Design, we portray every shot with its lines and an explanation of the visual. This ensures that you know exactly what the animation will end up looking like and you will be allowed to give feedback. With your consent, we begin with the actual production process.

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Now your animation will come to life! A couple of days after you approve of the Visual Design, we will send you the first version of the animation. This version will already be enhanced with the voice actor’s lines but not yet with sound effects. After receiving your feedback, we will produce a final version. This version will include exciting sound effects. With your blessing on this version, we will proceed rounding off production.

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Good sound brings your animation to life. Our sound designer has over 15 years of experience and gives your video the ultimate tone of voice, perfectly suited for your organization.

  • Post-production of the voice-over for crystal-clear voices
  • Choice of different styles of music and sound
  • Music is custom-made, so we find exactly the right style for your video
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Once we have developed your animation you will no longer have to repeatedly explain your product, idea, or service. We have provided you with a clear and powerful way of doing so! But do you know how you will use your animation? Do you only reach your network, or can you now get your message to prospective clients? In the last step of the production period, we will help you with this! With our Video Marketing package, we distribute your animation across the internet. We not only use familiar and proven techniques (SEO/SEA) but also less widespread methods (Magic) to promote your brand awareness and turnover.

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Why have a 2D animation made?

Whether it’s a business presentation, a product video, an educational animation or anything else, 2D animation is a powerful tool to make your message stand out. Animation offers the freedom to create a world in which anything is possible. From abstract concepts to complicated processes, with 2D animation we can bring your story to life in the smallest detail.

Having a 2D animation created offers numerous advantages. For example, it makes complex ideas and concepts easier to understand, the content is easily customizable, AND it increases viewer engagement. It is an effective way to get your message across to your target audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

In 2D animations, the images have no depth (unlike 3D). As with many cartoons. Another feature of 2D animation is that objects can move only horizontally as well as vertically. This gives a certain look and feel to your video. Need inspiration? Check out our portfolio, see what we have already created and you may find inspiration for your own video.

We stand for high quality at a competitive price. To make your animation completely to your liking, you can create your own package with us. That also means you get a custom price. Would you like to hear a concrete amount? You can! Please take a moment contact with us and receive a price based on your requirements within 5 minutes. Our reading experts will also gladly advise you about the possibilities within your budget. Or, fill out the “compose” form yourself earlier on the page. Within an hour you will receive notification from us. Wondering how animation awards are established and evolving in today’s market? Read more about the cost of an animated video in 2022.
This depends on how you want to distribute the video and for what purpose. For example, YouTube ads are generally of shorter duration than a video explaining a complex message. In general, we advise clients who want to have a 2D explainer animation made to last no longer than 75 seconds.
Not necessarily. A high-quality 2D animation can have as much effect as a 3D animation. 3D elements add an extra dimension that often creates another cool atmosphere. In the end, it all comes down to getting your message across to the right audience at exactly the right time. So video marketing is key to optimal success of your animation. Even if your video is so great, it will have no effect if it is not viewed by the people you intended it for. So the combination of a great video and the right marketing is golden!

For having an animation created, we typically use the following production times per product, counting from the initial meeting to completion:

  • Standard explanation animation: 4 working weeks
  • Customized explanation animation: 4-8 working weeks
The audience for whom you create an animation can vary enormously. Obviously important to know, though! 2D animation is characterized by lightness, informality, professionalism, forward-thinking and emotion-triggering property. Do these characteristics fit your target audience? Then we have a match! By the way, the style of your animation also depends on who your target audience is. Would you like to get advice on this? Then contact our 2D animation studio with no obligation.
Our specialties go beyond creating animations and shooting good film material. We think with you about the distribution of your videos, help you set up a strategy and ensure a flawless design that matches your corporate identity. Our services can be divided into 5 areas of expertise:

Cooler Media 2023 - Julie

Julie van Rooij - Online Marketer

Afbeelding Christian

Christian de Waard - Video Consultant

Cooler Media 2023 - Helen

Helen Berger - Creative Producer

Cooler Media 2023 - Daniel

Daniël Visscher - Art Director

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