We take your privacy very serious.

Cooler Media an expert in symplifying, strengthening and making your message more fun on the internet. We use the latest techniques in the field of animation, video reports, corporate films, infographics and gamifcation under the term ‘funability’. In addition, together we think about how we are going to distribute your message and making it traceable via Social Media or other social channels. To do this we sometimes use information that we paste from your browsers or data that you leave behind. Your data will always be treated confidentially. Read here how we do that.


With the introduction of the GDPR legislation, some things have changed around your privacy. What exactly is GDPR and what does it mean? We explain it in this video.


In order to give you the best advice with regard to the services and products of Cooler Media, your (personal and / or company) data may be requested. The internal and legal rules for exchanging personal data apply to the information you provide. If you wish to adapt your personal data, you can contact us at any time.

Your data will always be treated confidentially. Only the management and certain employees of Cooler Media have insight into your data. If you do not wish to receive information about Cooler Media products, you must make this known. This can be done via an email or letter.


We would like to be of service to you as well as possible. To make this possible, we measure the surfing behavior on this website. For this purpose, we use software from external partners. Cookies are stored on your computer in order to actually measure the surfing behavior of the visitors.


Cooler Media has the authority to change this privacy policy at any time and without prior notice.


For questions or comments about the activities of Cooler Media or regarding this privacy policy you can contact us at any time.