Cartoon laten maken

Because it has been our focus recent years we can create high quality animations in a very short period of time. These animations allow you to portray your message in a brief yet powerful manner. This makes animations an excellent medium for explaining non-tangible services, concepts or ideas to your target audience.

At Cooler Media we develop animations in several different styles. If you wish, our experts can advise you on which would fit your preferences, audience and budget best. No strings attached.

Animatie laten maken


They trust us.

The animation production process.

Concept & Script

The first step of the process is developing the general concept and script of the animation. Once you have chosen the style of animation you wish to go ahead with we plan a ‘Magic Meeting’. During this meeting you tell us everything about your service, product or idea and we translate that concept onto the screen. Together we develop a concrete script with voice-over lines. Of course all this is based on your needs, preferences and budget. The meeting will end when we visualized the first shots of the animation in the form of a storyboard.

Storyboard & Visual Design

During this step of the process we create the first sketches of the storyboard and the complementary lines. Everything will be transformed into final designs and text for the characters, symbols or icons. Using what we call a ‘Visual Design’, which is like a comic, we present our work to you. In this Visual Design we portray every shot with its lines and an explanation of the visual. This ensures that you know exactly what the animation will end up looking like and you will be allowed to give feedback. With your consent, we start the actual production process.


Now your animation will come to life! A couple of days after your approval of the ‘Visual Design’ we will send you a first version of the animation. This version will already be enhanced with the voice actor’s lines but not yet with sound effects. After receiving your feedback we will produce a final version. This version will include exciting sound effects. With your blessing on this version we will proceed rounding off production.


Once we have developed your animation you will no longer have to repeatedly explain your product, idea or service. We have provided you with a clear and powerful way of doing so! But do you know how you will use your animation? Do you only reach your own network or can you now get your message to prospective clients? In the last step of the production period we will help you with this! With our Video Marketing package we distribute your animation across the internet. We not only use familiar and proven techniques (SEO/SEA) but also less widespread methods (Magic) in order to promote your brand awareness and turn-over.