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Looking for maximum realism and detail in your animation? Check out our customized 3D animations.

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Bring your story to life with 3D animation

Are you looking to bring your ideas to life with a captivating 3D animation? Look no further! At Cooler Media, we are experts in animation and have been specializing in this field since 2011. With our extensive experience, we can create stunning 3D animations tailored to your specific needs.

Whether it’s adding 3D elements to 2D animations or creating entire immersive 3D worlds, our animations are fully customized to deliver the highest quality at a competitive price. Trust us to bring your vision to life with our exceptional 3D animation services.

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Our animation production process


The first step in our process is developing the general concept and script for your animation. After you choose your preferred animation style, we plan a ‘Magic Meeting’. During this meeting, you share everything about your service, product, or idea, and we translate that concept onto the screen. Together, we create a concrete script with voice-over lines, all tailored to your needs, preferences, and budget. By the end of the meeting, we'll have visualized the first scenes of your animation in the form of a storyboard.

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In this step, we create the initial sketches for the storyboard and draft the complementary lines. Everything is then transformed into final designs and text for characters, symbols, or icons. We present our work to you in what we call a ‘Visual Design’. This Visual Design showcases every shot along with its lines and a visual explanation, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the animation's final look. You'll have the opportunity to provide feedback, and with your approval, we proceed to the actual production process.

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Now, your animation comes to life! A few days after you approve the Visual Design, we'll send you the first version of the animation. This version will include the voice actor's lines but not yet the sound effects. After receiving your feedback, we'll produce the final version, complete with exciting sound effects. Once you give your approval on this version, we'll proceed with finalizing the production.

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Good sound brings your animation to life. Our sound designer has over 15 years of experience and gives your video the ultimate tone of voice, perfectly suited for your organization.

  • Post-production of the voice-over for crystal-clear voices
  • Choice of different styles of music and sound
  • Music is custom-made, so we find exactly the right style for your video
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Once we've developed your animation, you'll no longer need to repeatedly explain your product, idea, or service. You now have a clear and powerful tool to do that for you! But do you know how to make the most of your animation? Are you only reaching your existing network, or can you extend your message to potential clients?

In the final step of the production process, we assist you with this! Our video marketing package helps distribute your animation across the internet. We use both familiar and proven techniques (SEO/SEA) as well as unique methods (Magic) to boost your brand awareness and increase your turnover.

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Why choose
Cooler Media?

  • The result is key, that is why we work with a clear strategy
  • For every budget we offer the highest quality in audio and video
  • More than 3000 unique explainer videos in 11+ years of hard work
  • Free advise for every service
  • We deliver fast
  • No surprises, always a fixed price for every service
  • Clients review us with a steady 9+
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Why have a 3D animation made?

With 3D, your animation video really comes to life. The effects, details and realism go a step further than 2D animation, making a powerful way of storytelling. A 3D animation immediately grabs the attention of the viewer who then remembers the information better. With a 3D animation, you convey your company’s vision and mission in a special and clear way. Combining a 2D animation with 3D elements is a style choice that you choose purposefully; just that little bit extra for your video.


How much does a 3D animation cost? Our prices vary based on factors such as the complexity of the design, the duration of the video and the expertise required. But don’t worry, we have solutions for every budget, from several hundred to thousands of dollars.

3D versus 2D

Are you still watching 2D? Then make the leap to 3D! Unlike 2D, which offers height and width, 3D adds an extra dimension of depth to your animation. This results in a more realistic and immersive image that can be viewed from any angle.

Benefits of 3D animation

But why choose 3D? Because 3D animation offers an unparalleled level of realism and depth! 3D lets you add textures, shadows and light reflections that bring your scene to life. It makes your product demonstrations, architectural visualizations and educational videos more engaging than ever before.

Ready to get started?

Whether you want to bring a product to life or create an impressive architectural visualization, we’re here to help! Contact us today to have your 3D animation created and receive a custom quote for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of having a 3D animation made depends on the package you put together. However, an animation with 3D elements in it is always customized at Cooler Media. In addition, you can also assume that at almost all animation studios, a 3D animation is more expensive than a 2D animation. This is because it is more difficult to animate. Would you like to hear an amount? You can! Just contact us and get a customized price within 5 minutes. Wondering how animation awards are established and evolving in today’s market? Read more about the cost of an animated video in 2022.

Animation is known for its characters and powerful way of presentation. Our brain loves visual messages. Certainly, if this is easy to handle. That does image! A 3D animation has the following advantages:

  • Customers’ attention is quickly captured.
  • Important information sticks better with customers.
  • Your company’s vision and mission is better radiated.
  • You trigger emotions faster than through other content.
  • Animation arouses positive feelings, such as nostalgia.

According to our data, the ideal length of an explainer animation is 60 seconds. Still, the ideal length depends on where you want to place the video. If you deploy the 3D animation primarily as a YouTube ad, it is generally of shorter duration than an animation that serves to support a business presentation. The length for this varies:

  • 6 seconds for a bumber ad
  • 15-30 seconds for a TrueView ad

Depending on the purpose of your animation, we can immediately give you a realistic indication of the best duration. Please feel free to contact us for this and any other questions!

For having an animation created, we typically use the following production times per product, counting from the initial meeting to completion:

  • Standard explanation animation: 4 working weeks
  • Customized explanation animation: 4-8 working weeks

The turnaround time for an animation production depends on several factors, such as the deadline for the Magic Meeting, how much detail work goes into the animation, and how quickly feedback is provided. Do you need your animation sooner? We can deliver an animation earlier for you, provided you as a client can move quickly and we set up a structured schedule. Take contact with us for a time estimate on your production.

Before we can begin animating your animation, we would like to receive the following documents from you:

  • A style guide of the organization (if available)
  • The correct color codes
  • Design work from previous assignments
  • Logos in vector-based or Illustrator files
Since 2011, Cooler Media has specialized in clearly explaining your story with animation and video. As a result, we have years of experience writing voice-over texts and illustrating storyboards. To guarantee our quality, we design the animation from A to Z ourselves. If you do already have a storyboard or voice-over text, we would love to use it for inspiration!
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