What’s what?

Diensten - Strategie


With our video strategy solutions, we distribute your videos to achieve the highest possible return. We do this by supplying your target audience with exactly the right information. This happens at the right moment and through the right channels. Your goals will be determined beforehand, so we can measure the effectiveness of your campaign. If necessary, we optimize the process along the way to ensure the highest possible success.


Short, animated videos help people understand complex matters. And that’s important, in a world full of noise. But how do you know if your video will stand out from all the others?

In the past eight years, we’ve distilled the success factors of every type of animation into a video matrix. Therefore we know which length, tone of voice, and style will work best for your audience. Choose a design style, colors, and voice-actor. Together with our copywriters, we’ll create the perfect message for your target group. Add a video campaign to get the most out of your investment. We`ll continuously measure and adjust the videos, based on the results of your campaign.

Create clarity out of complexity, with animation.

Diensten - Animatie

Diensten - Film

Live Action Film

With Live-Action Films, you trigger emotion, create a certain atmosphere and place your products in the spotlight.

Thanks to our unique video matrix we know exactly which shots, length, and tone of voice resonates with your audience. We`ll help you make the right choices when it comes to live-action video. Choose one of our video services, add the modules of your choice and create your very own video production and budget.

Add a video campaign to your production for maximum results. We`ll optimize your video after launch based on analytics and results.


Our designers are famous for their storyboards and Infographics but can create all kinds of amazing works. From simple logo designs to entire brand- or style guides, we know what you need to get your message across.

Our Infographics transform texts into seductive pieces of bitesize information. Thanks to clear images, graphs, and an overall information design. They are the perfect additions to your videos and content campaigns. We create traditional infographics for print and interactive designs for digital infographics.

Diensten - Design

Diensten - Interactief


Our creative team combines amazing animation with cool code! Need a design for your app? We love interactive and digital challenges. We can create applications that are fully animated, digitize your Infographic, or develop HTML5 banners for your ad campaigns.