Video Strategy.

Video Strategie

A video is not working the way you want unless your target audience is actually watching it. This is why we optimize your video strategy through a video strategy plan, based on your specific needs and goals. A video strategy fits within your current marketing strategy and helps you to achieve your goals with the use of video.

We take a look at your current video status, what videocontent is needed and through which channels we need to distribute the videocontent. Reaching your target audience with the right message and content at the right moment is key. We offer a variety of options, from only the strategy session to elaboration of the plan or the complete video marketing package for a maximum return on investment.

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  • The result is key, that is why we work with a clear strategy
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The video strategy process.

Setting goals

During the strategy session we take a look at the goals you wish to achieve: why do we use video and how do we achieve these goals? 2 hours of the meeting will be used to take a closer look at your target audience and the online channels they use. We analyse your current use of video and determine what has to be added. In the following hour, you will know exactly where your videos have the best added value in the customer journey of your of your target audience. After that we determine the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) together, for the long and short term. After the session you will receive a fully detailed plan for the coming year.

Setting up the campaign

Based on your video strategy plan we optimize your online presence of video. For example, we look for the best place to host your videos and the bestchannels to share your videos. We ensure that everything is ready to go. Your YouTube channel has been optimized, the videos have been uploaded with maximum quality and your video campaign has been set up. Lets go!


Video marketing is the execution of the video strategy plan. We ensure that you can sit back while we reach the right people at the best times possible. Specially produced videos are distributed in different phases, often with different messages based on the specific needs of your target audience at that very moment. We ensure active monitoring of the results and adjust the campaign immediately when necessary.


The people from your target audience often visit your website or watch the videos completely when they are interested. For this interested group of people we use unique videos that offer new information. In this way we can make sure we do not spend a lot of budget on unnecessary videos and ensures that the viewer only gets to see relevant videos.