Online commercial.

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Successful online marketing uses specific videos for every phase and to attain every goal set out with the campaign. If you already have videos, then we can help you make the best of them. If you would like new content, then we can help you there as well! Our extensive experience helps us develop every type of video for very attractive rates. Whether it be film or animation, pre-designed or customized we can ensure that the content fits the aims of the campaign perfectly.

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They trust us.


Determining your goals

During a face-to-face meeting we will discuss the goals you are aiming to attain. We will determine the Key Performance Indicators for the short- and long-term.

Campaign setup

Ready, set, go! The first step is to optimize your YouTube channel. We will upload the videos with the best possible quality and we will set up your very first video campaign


Now we can start distributing everything. We will guide your target audience through every phase of the consumer journey.


We work with Google’s SEE-THINK-DO models. We will employ specific content through remarketing in the THINK and DO phases. This remarketing is based on interest. Consequently, we will reach your target audience at exactly the right time.