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If you are looking for a straightforward way to convey your message to your clients, potential employees or whomever, then an explanimation is an ideal option. On the basis of your needs and preferences we can produce an explanimation that fits you and your organisation in the best way possible.

We offer a variety of options concerning the styles of the explanimation. Are you curious as to what is possible? Take a look at the information below or contact one of our experts.

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Client reviews.

The Explanimation production process.


The very first step is developing an overall concept. Together we decide what the final product should look like, approximately. We listen to your story, choose a style and even start sketching the first version of the storyboard.


The first sketches of the storyboard remain with you, our client, after the meeting. This allows you the time to go over the sketches and provide us with meaningful feedback. Only when you are 100% satisfied, then we start digitalizing the storyboard. Furthermore we shall choose the voice-over and music for the explanimation.


This is the most exiting step: your explanimation will truly come to life. In this phase we will constantly show you small parts so you can tell us what you think. Once you have approved the visuals of the explanimation, we go to the next step. We start adding sound effects. Only once our AFX specialist has laid his hands on the explanimation we can deliver the final product. Now you will have your very own explanimation.


Naturally after this investment you want as many people as possible to actually see the explanimation. We can help you with this as well by employing our video marketing services. We can help you generate more views and eventually more visitors to your website. Want to make an explanimation? Give us a call or contact us using the button below.