Custom animation

Unique style, maximum impact.

By choosing a custom animation, you’re enhancing your corporate identity and gaining complete control over its look and feel. This means top-notch quality, a unique style, and a video that truly stands out! Here are some other perks:

  • A distinctive voice-over actor whose voice isn’t heard everywhere
  • An illustration style that perfectly matches your brand
  • Detailed animations with magnificent movements
  • Impressive background music and sound design
  • Ownership of the custom designs to use however you like

Ready to shine? Learn more about our custom animation process and check out some examples on this page. Our video experts are here to advise you with no obligation. Let’s discover what fits your concept and needs best. We’ll make it happen.

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What are the benefits of custom animations?

  •  A unique voice actor that you won’t hear everywhere
  • An illustration style that seamlessly aligns with your brand identity
  • Plenty of detail and captivating movements in the animation
  • A wide selection of music and unique sound design options
  • The custom designs become your exclusive property and can be utilized across various platforms
  • The developed style remains exclusive to your production an is never reused in our other projects

Our animation production process


The first step in our process is developing the general concept and script for your animation. After you choose your preferred animation style, we plan a ‘Magic Meeting’. During this meeting, you share everything about your service, product, or idea, and we translate that concept onto the screen. Together, we create a concrete script with voice-over lines, all tailored to your needs, preferences, and budget. By the end of the meeting, we'll have visualized the first scenes of your animation in the form of a storyboard.

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In this step, we create the initial sketches for the storyboard and draft the complementary lines. Everything is then transformed into final designs and text for characters, symbols, or icons. We present our work to you in what we call a ‘Visual Design’. This Visual Design showcases every shot along with its lines and a visual explanation, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the animation's final look. You'll have the opportunity to provide feedback, and with your approval, we proceed to the actual production process.

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Now, your animation comes to life! A few days after you approve the Visual Design, we'll send you the first version of the animation. This version will include the voice actor's lines but not yet the sound effects. After receiving your feedback, we'll produce the final version, complete with exciting sound effects. Once you give your approval on this version, we'll proceed with finalizing the production.

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Good sound brings your animation to life. Our sound designer has over 15 years of experience and gives your video the ultimate tone of voice, perfectly suited for your organization.

  • Post-production of the voice-over for crystal-clear voices
  • Choice of different styles of music and sound
  • Music is custom-made, so we find exactly the right style for your video
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Once we've developed your animation, you'll no longer need to repeatedly explain your product, idea, or service. You now have a clear and powerful tool to do that for you! But do you know how to make the most of your animation? Are you only reaching your existing network, or can you extend your message to potential clients?

In the final step of the production process, we assist you with this! Our video marketing package helps distribute your animation across the internet. We use both familiar and proven techniques (SEO/SEA) as well as unique methods (Magic) to boost your brand awareness and increase your turnover.

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Why choose
Cooler Media?

  • The result is key, that is why we work with a clear strategy
  • For every budget we offer the highest quality in audio and video
  • More than 3000 unique explainer videos in 11+ years of hard work
  • Free advise for every service
  • We deliver fast
  • No surprises, always a fixed price for every service
  • Clients review us with a steady 9+
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Frequently asked questions

If you choose a Standard Animation, you can select from our five fixed animation styles. This option does not include a bespoke style proposal. However, corporate identity elements, such as your logo and brand colours, can still be incorporated.

If you opt for a Custom Animation, we can bring your custom vision to life! You’ll be able to choose from various style proposals designed specifically to meet your preferences. We can also integrate more of your corporate identity into the animation, including the development of custom characters.

With a custom animation, you can go as wild as you like! Everything can be tailored to your exact specifications. The options we offer include:

  • A unique design size
  • Multiple style proposals
  • Customised characters
  • Plenty of choices for the voice-over
  • Multiple feedback rounds

Since it is custom, the price is too. We start with a fixed price. Some extra options influence the price, such as:

  • The length of your animation
  • Whether or not you want to make use of the video marketing option
  • Whether you want to combine it with live-action footage or not
  • Whether it is an urgent project or not

Contact us for price ranges specifically for your project!

There is no such thing as the ideal length of an animation. It depends on your goals, the message you’re spreading, your audience, and which channel will be used for the distribution. If you could provide us with this information, our experts can give you some custom advice on what length would be most effective. Usually, we recommend 60 to 75 seconds for social videos, Instream-ads, and website videos.

Want to know what is ideal for conveying your message? Give us a call and one of our experts will advise you on the matter. No strings attached!

Previous film material or design work is always helpful for us to gain inspiration, even though we will create a unique film production for you. It’s beneficial to receive the following from our clients:

  • Your organisation’s style guide (in case it is available)
  • Logos in vector-based files or Adobe Illustrator files
  • Colour codes
  • Description of the tone of voice (in case there is one)
  • Design work from previous assignments

It’s okay if you cannot provide us with all these documents. That’s what the Magic Meeting is for after all. We help you determine the tone of voice, style, and message of your animation.

Yes, that’s possible! If it fits into our schedule and you can make quick decisions, we can create a structured plan to accommodate your urgent project. However, please note that additional costs will apply for urgent work.

A successful animation production process always ends with an effective distribution of your animation. Otherwise, the work would be all for nothing, right?

Our video marketing service helps you to achieve your video goals. All the reasons for producing your explainer video will be transformed into clear and measurable goals.

In addition, we make a QuickScan of your current video marketing efforts and how you can optimize these tactics. Together we will make sure your animation reaches the right audience, at the right place, at the right time. Want to know more? Our video marketing experts love to have a chat with you!

Our expertise goes further than making animations and shooting good film material. We think along with you about the distribution of your videos, help you set up a strategy, and ensure a flawless design that matches your corporate identity. Therefore, our services can be divided into 5 areas of expertise:

Cooler Media 2023 - Julie

Julie van Rooij - Online Marketer

Cooler Media 2023 - Jasper

Jasper Stevens - Sales Manager

Cooler Media 2023 - Helen

Helen Berger - Creative producer

Cooler Media 2023 - Daniel

Daniël Visscher - Art Director

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