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You may think that Cooler Media is just an “explanation company” that simplifies complex matters. Or maybe you think that Cooler Media only cares about moving images. Both are just partly true.

What we really aim for is moving people. Explaining something is not just about providing information; it’s about achieving a specific goal. We accomplish this with our unique methodology and a clever mix of resources that we use to achieve a concrete goal. First, we want to fully understand you before we embark on a great collaboration.

What does it look like in practice? It all starts with our renowned Magic Meeting. Using our unique approach, we can clearly visualize your challenges within a few hours. The specifics of how we do this are, of course, a secret, but our clients are always amazed by the results.

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We translate our understanding of your challenge into effective resources and believe that with the right visual message, you can inspire action. All our products are customized specifically for you and your target audience and we strive for maximum impact within your available budget.


A good message only makes an impact when it’s heard. That’s why we support our clients in distributing the created content.

Through an ongoing process, we bring your message to the forefront and continuously refine it into the most comprehensible content.


Depending on the created assets and campaign, we utilize various measurement tools to determine the effectiveness of the message.

We analyze the data, report on predetermined KPIs and determine the next steps for content and activation.


All the content we develop is designed for adaptability during production. This allows us to quickly adjust a message if necessary.

Based on our analyses, we refine the content and campaigns to achieve maximum results.

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Concept & script

Creating an animation starts with an overarching concept and script. After selecting a style, we schedule an extensive “Magic Meeting.” During this meeting (where the magic happens!), your desires and story are transformed into concrete voice-over lines for the script. You share everything you know about your service, idea, or product, and we make the translation. We also design the initial shots of the animation on the spot in the form of a storyboard.

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Storyboard & visual design

In the second phase of the production process, we refine the initial storyboard sketches and script lines. Everything is translated into the final designs and spoken texts for your video. We present this to you in a comprehensive visual design. Think of it as a comic; each drawn shot is accompanied by a detailed voice-over and visual description. This gives you a clear impression of how the animation will look. Once you approve this document, we proceed with production.


Based on the visual design, recorded voice-over, and your chosen style, we bring the animation to life in the production phase! A few working days after your approval of the visual design, we will send you the first version of the video with the voice-over, but without sound design. After receiving your feedback, we refine the animation into a final version with compelling sound effects. Are you completely satisfied? Then we conclude the production together.

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You now have a super clear animation! No more explaining your idea, product, or service over and over again, the animation does the work for you! To effectively reach your target audience, a strategic approach is crucial. Do you know how you are going to do this? We’re here to help. With our video marketing package, we distribute your video all over the internet! We use well-known and proven techniques (SEO/SEA) as well as lesser-known innovative internet marketing strategies (Magic) that increase your brand awareness and conversion.


You have a specific message you want to convey with an explainer video. We aim to bring this idea to life as accurately as possible. To achieve this, we have a personal meeting to learn all the details about your preferences. We’ll ask about what you want to communicate, the atmosphere you want to create, your target audience, and much more. Using this information, we start writing a script that outlines the entire explainer video from beginning to end.

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Once you are completely satisfied with the script, we schedule the production day. On this day, a two- or three-person camera crew will come to the desired location. Here, we gather all the footage we need for your explainer video. We capture all the moments that make your company, brand, product, or service unique.


Now that we have gathered the footage, we get to work to edit the footage. First, we make a careful selection of the right shots. Then, using professional applications, we give your explainer video a cinematic effect through color correction and sound design. These elements create the perfect atmosphere for your explainer video.

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Your explainer video is complete! ow it’s time to share it with the world, and we’re here to help with that too. With our extensive knowledge of video marketing and years of experience in creating video strategy plans, we ensure you achieve your marketing objectives. Whether it’s more views, lower bounce rates, increased website traffic, or improved visibility – we make sure that the videos meet your goals.

Research & theme

After an in-depth meeting, we start by analyzing and structuring the information. We condense the text and replace it with clear illustrations and if necessary, we conduct additional research. In this phase, you also choose one of our predefined styles or opt for a custom design. We then develop a concept and present it to you in an initial sketch. We discuss this together, allowing you to provide feedback before we proceed with the final design.

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In the design phase, the concepts, sketches, and texts are combined to create the first version of the infographic. Depending on the package you choose, we either develop a custom design or use our own set of branded icons. We always add a personal touch to the design and provide you with the opportunity to give feedback on all aspects. After the design phase, it is also possible to animate the infographic in a accompanying video.


We believe it’s important that your investment pays off. That’s why we create compelling infographics and ensure they reach the right audience. In this optional phase, we assist in distributing the infographic on the internet using smart online marketing techniques. This way, customers actually get to see the work and you achieve your goals!

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Setting goals

In a strategy session of approximately 2 hours, we identify your goals and formulate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each phase, targeting both short-term and long-term success.

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Setting up the campaign

In this step, we ensure that everything is ready to go. We optimize your YouTube channel, upload the videos with maximum quality, and set up a video campaign for you.


We take matters into our own hands and distribute all the content in your campaign on the internet using smart online marketing techniques. This way, you can be sure that your customers will actually see the work, and you will achieve your goals!

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In the THINK and DO phases, we use targeted content through interest-based remarketing. This enables us to reach your target audience at the right place and moment with messages precisely tailored to their interests.

Reporting & optimization

Based on a monthly infographic report, you can easily see whether the goals (KPIs) have been achieved. If necessary, we optimize the campaigns to reach the objectives.

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