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Style:Custom Animation

Story:Communicate our brand story powerfully. That’s what UBench enlisted our help for. The UBClaim service needed more explanation to the general public. This goal was realized with a Custom Animation.

The script.

As a player in the ever-changing

market of automotive, you don’t want to be slowed down by working with a lot of different applications.

With the collaborative

UBench platform, you’ll make processes more efficient and bring together all players, from driver to garage and even part suppliers.

So how does this work? Our system contains 4 management platforms. With

UBclaims you can streamline your claim processes and reduce administrative overheads. Our UBtech platform gives you real time data and integration to steer maintenance repair. Manage your rental car business in a smarter way? UBflex can help you with online rental car booking, mobile intake and digital contract management.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Owh and our fourth platform: UBscore, gives you a real-time overview of key figures like: time, cost and customer satisfaction?

With the UBench platform you will take care of your clients in a more

efficient way!

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