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Every last sunday of March we put the clock one hour forward. How did this come about and is it still relevant? Check it out in this AnyStory!

The creation.

At Cooler Media we spend a lot of our time on “free work” in the form of our AnyStories. The only requirement? “Make it bold!”  With this time a question about daylight saving time. Why do we put our clocks forward one hour every summer, instead of keeping the wintertime?

Before we started making this animation, 3 different styles were worked out. These were carefully examined and then a choice was made. The animation was produced with little color, leaving room to play with different color tones. This gives the dynamic video a calm appearance, so that the issue can be clearly explained.

“This is the very first AnyStory we ever made. All in all, a nice animation, which has been the start of a series of informative explainer videos.”- Technical Animator Jamie


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The script.

Summertime! This Sunday we’ll be putting the clock one hour ahead. But how did this start? And why do we do it?

On a summer morning in 1784, Benjamin Franklin was looking out of his window. The sun had risen, but the people were still asleep. “A waste of daylight!” he yelled. If everyone got up an hour earlier they would save money on candles.

However, it was the Germans who first instated summertime back in 1916. War was expensive and they needed to save money on coals. After the war, summertime was abolished and reinstated a number of times. It disturbed people’s biological rhythm or they needed to save on oil.

It’s impossible to calculate when to move the clock ahead yourself because of a very difficult mathematical formula and a number of exceptions.

Once again,

the discussion to abolish summertime has flared up. The effects of summertime on our energy consumption are called into question. The lights stay off longer, but the air conditioners are switched on earlier. For some people, the time difference even causes physical complaints.

Since 2018, the European Parliament has debated abolishing summertime. This won’t happen before 2020. Until that time, don’t forget to move your clock an hour ahead, because it’s a waste of daylight!

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