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Style:Custom Animation


Story:FunGeneX produces chicken egg protein in an animal-friendly, efficient and environmentally conscious way. With this animation, BioscienZ wants to create awareness and explain their alternative for the current production of chicken egg protein.

The script.

Bakery-, pastry-, dairy and meat products as well as meat substitutes. All food products that use

egg white proteins as a binder. But what does it take to produce one single egg a day that contains only 3% of binding protein?

One chicken off course! 550 square centimeters of space to live not very friendly right? 132 grams of chicken feed which in itself also needs space to grow. A lot of inefficiency, leading to global warming

With over 25 billion chickens worldwide and only 1500 million hectares of farmland. How are we going to feed a rapidly growing population of 7 billion people?

FunGeneX cultivates genetic modified fungi to produce chicken egg white protein for binding purposes.

We put our synthetic developed DNA in the nucleus of our fungus, which enables it to start producing egg white protein. Then we cultivate the fungi in fermenters by using a combination of sugar beet juice and ammonia. Why the sugar beet? Because the yield is twice as high as wheat. Finally, via filtration, the egg white is separated from the fungi and ready to use!

This enables us to

produce egg white proteins more rapid and efficient. It requires ten times less space, without animal cruelty and it’s more environmental friendly.

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