FNV & Union to Union – Just Transition

Client:FNV & Union to Union

Subject:Just Transition


Style:Custom Animation

Story:The transition to a sustainable world can have negative consequences for working people worldwide. Unions

FNV and

Union to Union developed the

Just Transition plan with actions needed to secure workers’ rights and livelihoods. Want to know why this plan was developed and what you can do? Watch the animation!

The script.

A green and healthy world may look like an ideal world but without a

Just Transition it will not be a fair world. Like now, there will be job losses, discrimination at the workplace and exploitation.


trade unions, let’s find out who will be affected by the transition the most and in what way. Which tools do we have to ensure a Just Transition for current and future generations?

We can use some of the tools that we already have. Use your vision on what better, healthier lives and jobs look like and add the climate aspect to it. Find out about different social dialogue opportunities, get a seat at the table, and get involved in governments’ climate plans. Use your negotiation skills to demand protection for those who may lose their job or are in a vulnerable situation. Use your collective bargaining negotiations to guarantee a Just Transition plan with employers.

Let’s join forces with other organisations to address the complexity of climate change or to strengthen our position. Like other unions all over the world, we can use our power to claim a seat at the table and organise and mobilise workers to demand a Just Transition.

Let’s work together for decent jobs on a healthy planet.

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