Client:CARU Containers

Subject:Vision Sustainability

Style:Custom Animation


Story:CARU Containers is taking the first step towards reducing its CO2 footprint. With, among other things, electric vehicles and CO2-neutral ways to reduce the impact of business travel, they contribute to a more sustainable future. Would you like to know more about how CARU Containers does this? Check out the animation.

The creation.

CARU Containers opted for a Animation to explain their first step towards a sustainable future. In this way the vision is communicated in an understandable way with customers, transporters and suppliers.

This infographic animation (without using characters) can ultimately be used for various purposes; within a video campaign on YouTube, for an online commercial, on social media and on the website.

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The script.

For many industries the shipping sector is essential to reduce their carbon footprint. We are aware of our responsibility to reduce and compensate our emissions as well,  and we are committed to do so in our community of colleagues, customers, and partners. We want to inspire others to join us because we are convinced that we only can make a difference together.

At CARU Containers we took a first step to reduce our carbon footprint.

We’ve build an off grid solar power station to charge our cars, electric-trucks and handling equipment.  We also introduced a carbon flight budget to reduce the impact of business traveling.

But it doesn’t stop here!  For each container that gets trucked we allocate twenty five cents per kilometer of our own margins towards our zero emission initiatives. This twenty five cents is based on the carbon market, energy transition investments, economic risks and wellbeing.

So by doing business with CARU, you contribute to a zero emission economy!

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