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Subject:I AM Organic

Style:Custom Animation


Story:Eat the World Better with I AM Organic! Organto Food’s brand that only sells organic and sustainable products with a carbon neutral footprint! Curious how the brand ensures that all their products are CO2-neutral? Check the animation for a detailed explanation.

The creation.

I AM Organic, the innovative new brand of Organto Foods, sells fresh organic vegetables, fruits and herbs with a unique digital passport per product. In this they communicate 100% transparently about, among other things, origin, cultivation and sustainability. Curious how the brand ensures that all their products are CO2-neutral? Food producer Organto chose a Custom Animation for the introduction of the brand I AM Organic.

The design is made and based on the I Am Organic coporate identity. Ultimately, the animation can be used for various purposes; within a video campaign for YouTube, for an online commercial, for social media and for the website.

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The script.

Do you want to buy products made with

care for people and planet?

I AM Organic works with local farmers to get fresh, organic vegetables, fruit, and, herbs into your supermarket. This with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

This footprint is the total of greenhouse gases emitted by the production and distribution of everything you consume. The impact of our product chain is calculated by an independent party following a Life Cycle Analysis principle, considering among others land use, farming, packaging, transport, and storage.

Throughout the value chain, we make conscious decisions to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible. We compensate remaining emissions through carbon offsetting via a specialized partner that invests in various projects with a

positive social and environmental impact, causing our products to be carbon neutral.

By buying I AM Organic, you can eat the world better.

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