Why is it called “Black Friday”?

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Black Friday




By the end of November, discounts rise sky high. Black Friday is coming! The anual shopping day brought over from the USA is getting more popular in the Netherlands each year. But where did this discount day come from and why is it called “Black” Friday?

The script.

High discounts and large crowds. November is being dominated by Black Friday.

But why do we call it “Black” Friday?
We indicate terrible events in history by marking it with the colour black. For example, the gold crisis in 1869 and the day in the fifties when people called in sick on a massive scale on the Friday after Thanksgiving. But shopping at half price isn’t necessarily a bad thing, is it? So why do we call it Black Friday?

Back in the day, shop owners wrote down their profits in black ink and their losses in red ink.

In 1981, extremely large crowds went Christmas shopping and shopkeepers made high profits. That’s how the colour black became associated with Black Friday.

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