Mondiaal FNV – Working for a better future

Client:Mondiaal FNV

Subject:Working for a better future

Style:Custom Animation


Story:Worldwide, between 60 and 75 million people work in the food and clothing industries in often the harshest conditions. Mondiaal FNV is therefore working with local partners to improve the working conditions.

The script.

How many calories are there in one biscuit? And what size is your favourite shirt again? Important information you can find out from a label. But that label has even more information… and sometimes there’s a whole story hidden there…

The vegetable fats in your biscuit are mostly made from palm oil. You wouldn’t want to work on a palm oil plantation yourself… Wages are low, you often have to use dangerous chemicals and the whole family has to work to hit targets that are too high. You’d be no better off in the clothing factory where your shirt was made. Workplace safety hazards, sexual intimidation and exploitation are commonplace.

Mondiaal FNV empowers workers throughout the world to join together and stand up

for better working conditions. Not just in palm oil and clothing production but in other sectors too. We support local union projects and give them a voice here in the Netherlands by way of lobbying and campaigning.

All workers have the right to stand up for themselves and their colleagues. Give them your support and take a look at

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