UmbrellaBrand Group – CMNTY

Client:UmbrellaBrand Group


Style:Custom Animation


Story:CMNTY is specialized in online qualitative market research software. With this animation video, the company shows what research possibilities they offer.

The creation.

UmbrellaBrand Group chose a Custom Animation for the explanation of CMNTY: a company that provides software solutions for market research. In this way, it is communicated in an understandable way which services CMNTY has to offer.

A colorful design has been chosen with an alteration of lively characters and sleek elements. In addition, the UmbrellaBrand Group logo has been used as inspiration for the web. This visually depicts the network between professionals. Ultimately, the animation can be used for various purposes; within a video campaign on YouTube or social media, and of course on the CMNTY website.

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The script.

Imagine being able to enter the lives of customers on a personal level but in an online environment. Qualitative research with rich in-depth results as quick and easy as quantitative research. Sounds complicated or crazy expensive right?

Whether you are an in-house independent or agency-based insights professional CMNTY’s ResTech pushes your market research to the next level.

Engage and interact with customers anywhere and anytime. Collect data via video based focus groups discussion boards diary studies co-creation and so much more. Inspire with visual research activities. Analyze and present results in a real-time dashboard powered by A.I. and make your research more efficient, informed and accessible.

CMNTY is created by and for insight professionals and is available as a Do-it-Yourself or Do-It-Together solution. Start today and unlock the power of online qualitative market research. Get a demo at

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