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Client:Smartwares Group

Subject:About us


Style:Corporate film

Story: Smartwares Groupcommunicates its most important core values, mission, and vision in this professional corporate film.

The script.

We are

Smartwares Group.

A consumer goods company that creates affordable well-designed appliances and solutions that make daily life easier better and more fun! We offer a clear and recognizable build up within our product categories. Developed by our in-house R&D center. Smart products are supported by voice assistance and smartphone connectivity. Because of our constant focus on quality and design we have  a  proud history of award winning items.

With our instore support

online solutions and brand awareness activities we support you to

boost your sales. Active in more than 50 countries delivering 25 million products a year Smartwares Group is your partner in home appliances.

Experience our products yourself and visit one of our extensive showrooms!

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