FLIE – Power-2-X

Client:FLIE (Fieldlab Industrial Electrification)


Style:Standard Animation


Story:Worldwide company’s are transitioning from fossil fuels to green energy, including the Rotterdam Harbour industrial area. Fieldlab Industrial Electrification contributes to developing and implementing more sustainable industrial processes by researching the Power-2-X possibilities in Rotterdam.

The creation.

Fieldlab Industrial Electrification supports the energy transition in the Rotterdam Port industrial area with professional research and practical implementations. The Fieldlab chose a Standard Character Animataion to explain industrial electrification, also known as Power-2-X. This way it is communicated in an understandable way that the new, green powerd processes are tested in a safe lab before they will be implemented on a large scale.

The corporate identity colors, blue and orange, of FLIE are included in de animation design. Ultimately, the animation can be used for various purposes; within a video campaign for YouTube, for an online commercial, for a business presentation and for the website.

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The script.

Industrial electrification, is an important sustainability option for the process industry in Rotterdam. It is important for investors and end users to see electrification applications tested on a large scale. Otherwise, promising technologies cannot be developed and implemented.


Fieldlab Industrial Electrification will therefore provide a safe and scalable test environment, uniting ambitious global players to create a new cleaner process industry, helping to fulfill the potential of the energy transition in Rotterdam. Join us!

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