TU Delft – Data Insights

Client:TU Delft (University of Technology Delft)

Subject:Data Insights

Style:Custom Animation


Story:How can data help TU Delft to remain a world-leading university? Cooler Media explained it in this animation video.

The creation.

TU Delft chose a

Custom Animation to explain how data can help the University to maintain its leading status. In this way, it is communicated in an understandable way which data is used and how the Data Insights team works.

A calm and businesslike design has been chosen in the blue corporate identity color of TU Delft, in order to properly explain the complex data process. Ultimately, the animation will mainly be used for internal communication; for example on the TU Delft website, in a presentation or sent in an online newsletter.

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The script.

To remain a world-leading university,

TU Delft needs better insight into the impact of our policies and decisions. How can

data help to provide this insight?


Data Insights Team is here to help you see, and understand, the power and value of your data.

Based on your questions, we identify the insights you require and collect the data. We build the visualisation and continue working with you until we have a product that provides the information you need.

We will

publish your dashboard on MiFOCUS where it can be accessed by you and other relevant users. Depending on the source of the data, your dashboard will be automatically refreshed.

What kind of insights do you need? E-mail your questions to the Data Insights Team.

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