Discover our animation styles.

Get to know our pre-designed animation styles! You can choose from Modern, Casual, Business, Sketch or Retro. 5 different styles with each their own characteristics.

These design styles fall under our ‘Standard Animation’ product, and you can choose one of them for your animations, graphic designs and infographics. They have already been developed by us and can be fully adapted to your corporate identity style, logo, and of course the story you want to tell.

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Standaard animatiestijlen

Five Design Styles.


The Modern Style is based on a realistic design. Clean lines, human-like proportions for the charachters, and beautiful light incidences make this a calm, yet very unique style. Modern is perfect for B2B companies or organizations that like to keep their videos more businesslike.


The Casual Style gives a playful feel. The characters are somewhat out of proportion, which give this style its cheerful personality. It is ideal for visualizing your message with humor and it is also perfect for B2C organizations that want to address their customers in a pleasant and amusing way.


You can never go wrong with the Business Style. It is a cheerful mix between realism and cartoony design. This Business Style has been used in almost every industry for years, which makes it a very popular and safe choice for organizations that want to appeal to a broad audience.


Skecht is a wonderfully calm style that uses a minimalist design. Don’t be fooled by the simple lines, some of our most beautiful animations are made in Sketch. Ideal for the most complex matter or more sensitive subjects. Therefore, it is a design style that works well with healthcare organizations, and financial corporations.


Go all the way back to those ‘good old days’with the nostalgic Retro Style. Comically designed characters with pronounced body proportions and recognizable retro objects draw the attention in this style. Perfect for a light-hearted message for both B2C as B2B communication.

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Compose your own animation and receive a price indication within minutes.


Every Standard Animation always includes:

  • Script and storyboardsessie (4 hours)
  • An experienced copywriter
  • Choice of 5 voice actors matching the animation
  • Video in a language of your choice
  • Professional sounddesign
  • Music of your choice
  • 3 feedback rounds: script, design, animation
  • Lots of devotion and love from our team

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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the production time of a Standard Animation?

The actual development of a script, visual design, animating and adding sound design takes 5 working days. Only in reality you will not have your animation within 5 days after we spoke during a Magic Meeting. Although we are flexible and an urgent process is always possible, in most cases we go for a structured planning. We spread these 5 days over, for example, 2 weeks. This way there is space between production hours, so that we can look at it with a fresh look when we take next steps, but this also creates more space for you to give extensive feedback. In this way we guarantee an efficient and fine production process that works for both parties.

What is a Magic Meeting?

It's where the magic happens! During a Magic Meeting, digitally or in real life (more fun), we discuss in 4 hours what you want to communicate with animation and how we are going to do this. During this session we bring your story - which you want to share in the best possible way - to a message of about 1.5 minutes. An experienced copywriter and designer will be present, who will develop a first script and style on site. This way you always leave with the first version of your animation.

What are the costs of a Standard Animation?

The costs of a Standard Animation are the same for every style. However, the price can vary due to a number of factors:
  • The number of minutes your animation lasts. By default you get 75 seconds.
  • The delivery date. An urgent request involves more work in a shorter time frame. That is why we use an urgent rate.
Would you like to hear an exact amount? Sure! Contact us and receive a customized price within 5 minutes.

What is the ideal length of a Standard Animation?

There is no such thing as the ideal length. It really depends on what goals you have, the message your spreading, your audience and which channel will be used for the distribution. If you could provide us with this information, our experts can give you some custom advise on what length would be most effective. Mostly, we advise 60 to 75 seconds for social video's, Instream-ads and website videos. Want to know what length is ideal for conveying your message? Give us a call and one of our experts will advise you on the matter. No strings attached and on the house!

Can I supply a storyboard and voice over text myself?

Since 2011, Cooler Media has specialized in clearly explaining your story. As a result, we have years of experience in writing voice-over texts and illustrating storyboards. To guarantee our quality, we design the animation from A to Z ourselves. If you already have a storyboard or voice-over text, we are happy to use this for inspiration!

What are the other options besides a Standard Animation?

From standard it can only get even bigger! You have two other "levels" for an animation, besides the standard animation option:
  • Customized animation: uniquely designed style, fixed price and a fixed working method. Ideal to give that little bit extra. This guarantees you an original animation
  • Special animation: with unlimited options we realize everything you can imagine for you. From animation to the design of a complete website as a supporter.

What files and documents do I need to provide before the production of the animation?

Before we start the production phase of the animation, we will ask you to send us some documents that may be of help to us. Think of:
  • A brandbook or styleguide of your organization/li>
  • Color codes
  • Logo in a vector-based file or in an Illustrator file
  • Design work from previous projects

What other services does Cooler Media offer?

Our specialisms go further than making animations. We think along with you about the distribution of your videos, help you set up a strategy and ensure a flawless design that matches your corporate identity. Our services can be divided into 5 areas of expertise: