Why do people snore?

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Why do people snore?



Almost half of all people snore at one point in their life, and 25% of all adults snore regularly! So, it’s a very common problem, but common does not mean that it is normal. It often relates to a bigger health problem. Curious? Check out the AnyStory to find out why people snore and what you can do about it.

The creation

At Cooler Media we spend a lot of our time on “free work” in the form of our AnyStories. The only requirement? “Make it bold!”

This AnyStory is a collaborative project of our in-house specialists. Together they brainstormed ideas to visualize the subject of snoring in a fun and clear way. Therefore, the style design that came out as a result differs from the rest of the AnyStories. Because of this, not all scenes are animated by just one animator. The different scenes have been merged into one timeline, so that in some scenes you can also see the different skills of an animator.

“For the style design we wanted a simple style to make clear what the causes of snoring could be. The animation also had to have a character that snores cozy.”

– Robin, Designer & Animator

“It was especially a nice project to work on, because I was able to work together with my colleagues. That always makes such an AnyStory way more fun.”

– Jamie, Technical Animator


Our AnyStory knowlegde partners

The script

Sleep: perhaps the most important hours of the day. Essential to your health and happiness. So what’s the single most annoying thing a bedpartner could do? Snoring!

So what is snoring and what can you do about it? When you snore airflows struggle to make it through your airways. They pass relaxed tissues in your nose and throat. Causing vibrations and a harsh sound that can be as loud as 90 decibels. The volume of a chainsaw!

Snoring occurs at all ages and can have various causes. Because you’re a back-sleeper making your tong, uvula and soft palate fall back into your throat. Or because of weak muscle tension due to exhaustion and alcohol or medicine use.  Your throat can be thickened due to irritation from smoking or overweight. For children an enlarged tonsils is often the cause, for older people a thickened and slackened mucous membrane in the throat.

There are certain measures that help you reduce snoring like changing you sleeping position from the back to your side. Try to quit smoking, lose weight, or make some other lifestyle changes. But don’t underestimate the problems of snoring and contact your doctor to find out the underlying reason. Do not let snoring disrupt the quality of your sleep and that of your partner’s!

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