What is the impact of your online shopping behavior on the planet?

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What is the impact of your online shopping behavior on the planet?



Online shopping is becoming easier for us. So easy, that we often order too much, like 5 pairs of trousers, while we intend to keep one. Our massive online shopping behavior therefore entails the necessary consequences. In addition to more CO2 emissions, a lot of empty space is also transported. What effect does this have on the environment and what are the alternatives? Check out our AnyStory and find out!

The creation

At Cooler Media we spend a lot of our time on “free work” in the form of our AnyStories. The only requirement? “Make it bold!”.  With this time: what is the impact of your online shopping behavior on the planet?

Colleagues Jamie and Robin collaborated on the design. The collaboration resulted in a brand new look and design for the AnyStory. In the animation phase, Jamie mainly focused on creating dynamic movements. Animating the changing shape of the packages was a time-consuming job, but hard work pays off with a great production in a brand new style!

“I really liked animating the transport vehicles for this AnyStory. It was a challenge to recreate the moving and changing packages inside of the bus with animatie.”

– Technical Animator Jamie

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The script

Nowadays, an online purchase is just a few clicks away. This massive ordering behaviour results in a lot of unnecessary transport and an increase in CO2 emissions. Like when you order a pair of jeans in four sizes to make sure it fits, of which you will return three anyway. Or when you order a single bike light packed in a box that’s way too big and therefore takes up unnecessary space.

Everyday, we come across solutions. More and more delivery vans run on electricity and have an optimized space capacity. But that’s not enough. We also need to reduce the transport of ‘hollow air’ by adjusting the size and amount of the materials used for packaging.

One of the main challenges is efficiently packaging products. Manufacturers could develop product packaging that is strong enough to deliver the products in or they could use a 3D cutting machine to adjust the packaging materials to the size of the product. However, these solutions are expensive, and not all online shops can afford them.

An alternative is to use plastic bags that are made from 100% recycled plastics. They are space efficient and cheaper than cardboard, but they’re often seen as less sustainable.

For these solutions to work they require commitment from both the manufacturer and the sender. But what can yóu do? Place your items in one order and don’t order more than you need. Think before you buy!

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Nick Bökkerink
Explanation Director

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