What is encryption and why do we need it?

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In the digital age like the one we live in, encrypting information is more important than ever. But what is encryption exactly? And how does encryption works? We have explained it for you in our AnyStory Animation! Check it out.

The creation

At Cooler Media we spend a lot of our time on “free work” in the form of our AnyStories. The only requirement? “Make it bold!”

Technical Animator Jamie got the honor to animate the AnyStory about encryption. He used clean-line illustrations on a digital background. The line art is animated, which gives you the feeling that the lines are being drawn right in front of your eyes. Moreover, a subtle glow has been added to these lines. This makes them light up a bit in the digital matrix environment.

In addition, there are many details hidden in this AnyStory. Like the cypher disk that encrypts the word “attack”, and also the other codes used in the animation. Can you decipher these codes and find out what they mean?

“I had very much fun while making the cypher disk. Especially, when encrypting the word “attack”. This was something new for me. I can definitely say that by creating this AnyStory I have learned a lot about encryption, how it works and its origins.”
– Technical Animator Jamie

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The script

A funny picture or a sweet message to tell her you love her. We transfer and store information across the internet all day long. Sometimes it’s innocent. Other times it’s information you want to keep to yourself.

That’s were encryption comes in! But what is encryption?

The principles of encryption aren’t new. Julius Caesar used a simple form of encryption to protect messages of military significance. Each letter in his plain text was replaced by a character three positions down the alphabet. He wrote a cipher text, unreadable for the enemy.

In modern day encryption, your plain data is altered with complex algorithms. Only people with the right key can decrypt the data and open its original form. As the length of the key increases, the number of possibilities increases exponentially, making your data more secure against a “brute force” attack. With this, a hacker tries as many different passwords as possible until he finds the right one.

Whether you surf on the internet, withdraw money, or send a message. Just like Caesar’s case, encryption keeps your personal and valuable data safe!

Cooler Media 2023 - Nick (klein)

Nick Bökkerink
Explanation Director

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