Perseverance & Ingenuity on Mars: what are they researching?

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Perseverance & Ingenuity on Mars



Mars is the second-most explored planet in the solar system, after Earth. In 2021, two research vehicles (Perseverance & Ingenuity) landed on the red planet to conduct various research. But what are these two technological marvels doing there? You will know in only 1 minute

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The script

Perseverance and Ingenuity are exploring Mars. A planet similar yet very different to earth. They are looking for indications of whether life as we know it has existed or could exist on this planet.

Percy drills for rock samples and stores them. A future mission will bring them back for analysis He also tests a technology that produces oxygen from the carbon-dioxide atmosphere. If successful, this will bring the possibility of living on mars one step closer.

Ingenuity hitched a ride with Percy. It will test powered flight on Mars and giving a new arial perspective of the red planet. Let’s see how similar we are.

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Nick Bökkerink
Explanation Director

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