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The Story behind the AnyStory

Robots and artificial intelligence are taking over the world. As a result, more and more activities are being automated. And that’s good, because it means that you have to do more human and less factory work, also in Marketing! This is possible with Marketing Automation. View everything you need to know about this in this video. 

Every organization strives towards successful marketing in every stage of the customer journey, and to have their employees working in their most efficient and effective way. Marketing automation is key to achieve these goals. But how does it work?

We created a step-wise explanation with our AnyStory. Your how-to guide for the use of marketing automation for your organization. It can be used for multiple marketing workflows such as your newsletter, e-mailmarketing, social media posts and for collecting relevant data from your prospects.

We used a simple design style for a solid and clear appearance, which is ideal to communicate and explain more complex subjects like marketing automation.

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The script

Marketing Automation makes personal contact between prospects and customers easier by automizing repetitive tasks. The software makes it possible to design an optimal customer journey so your employees can focus on what they are good at: looking after the customer. Automation is all around you. For example in webshops when you receive a number of personalised emails with information about your order.

How does it work?

It’s all about showing interest. In the same way as you give a plant a little water every week so that the seed grows into a healthy plant, you send the right amount of information at the right time. This is called lead-nurturing. So arrange the beginning, middle and end of your marketing funnel entirely around the information needs of your customer.

The soil and seeds are the beginning of the funnel. Registering for your newsletter is a first qualification of interest, just as telephone calls or other forms of contact. This ‘lead generation’ gives you a group of prospects that you can send messages to.

In the middle of the funnel you give your seeds water and sunlight. Try to get a 360 degree overview that you can use to personalise your information. For example, send an email containing interesting information. Then measure your prospect’s behaviour, such as what links they click on, and base your next email on this. For the best results, make use of all possible information-gathering and sending channels. For example social media and text messaging.

Given enough food and water, your seeds will grow into mature plants. Only then can you reap the harvest. And then it’s time to take over from the software. Keen to start using Marketing Automation yourself? Go to and download our white paper with all the essential steps for every part of the funnel.

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