At the start of 2020, Yenlo faced a great challenge: the development of an operational digital platform to support the data flow for the European CoronaCheck app as quickly as possible. We took on the task of creating an amazing animated video that would help Yenlo explain how it achieved this. And now, in this case study, we will explain how we created this animation.


All of our projects start with a Magic Meeting. In this meeting we examined Yenlo’s wishes, target group, and message. During this session, we started writing and after only four hours we finished the first version of the script! Because Yenlo is operating internationally, the script was written in English and translated into German as well. In addition to script writing, we drew some sketches for the visual design. Read on quickly if you want to learn more about the next step: the style proposal.

scriptschrijven icoon


style frame 1 yenlo

Style 1

Yenlo’s message takes place at the European level. So it was quickly evident during the writing session that it would be a good idea to give the script a cinematic, almost inflated character.

style frame 2 yenlo

Style 2

In terms of design, we researched several clean technical styles, from a light and ’empty’ design with lots of room for movement to a dark and cosmic style.

style frame 3 yenlo

Style 3

Technological elements like ‘data’ and ‘dashboard’ provided the main inspiration and we considered how we could best depict them visually. This led to the final style.


After Yenlo picked a style and agreed on the script, we started working on the visual design. For each scene, we designed a shot that could be animated later on. This way you can see the progress of the animation!

Yenlo case study
Yenlo case study  2
Yenlo case study
Yenlo case study
Yenlo case study 9
Yenlo case study  5
Yenlo case study 6
Yenlo case study 8
Yenlo case study visual design


Yenlo Animation Slider


Yenlo is established as the company of tomorrow, using a futuristic theme that references the dashboard designs from Stargate, Star Trek, and even Iron Man.

Yenlo case study datastromen

Data flow

The data flow that you see here consist of several effects. We started with a base of individual objects. These were positioned one after the other and given a forward movement, which created layers that were stacked to produce levels. Each level returns to the same place after a certain time, thereby creating a loop in the animation.

Yenlo case study hexagons


Geometric hexagonal shapes feature prominently. Since they can fit together to create larger structures, these elements also serve to bring the content of the video together. These shapes are ideal for visualizing both the transmission of a virus and the organization of large amounts of information from individuals.


Yenly - case study logo animatie

We believe that you can only achieve perfect results from a creative process when you take risks. And that’s how we approached this project. Ultimately, we felt that the original Yenlo logo didn’t fit with the rest of the animation, so we altered it to match the new style. No discussion necessary. A bold move, for sure. But we trust our expertise as professionals, and that proved to be correct. The client was surprised but, above all, very impressed.

Final animation.

After the design and animation process we’re almost there! The last part missing is the audio design. This is an essential part that brings the animation to life. Watch the final animation here.