Hollandia – Safety campaign


Subject:Safety campaign

Style:Custom Animation


Story:Since 2020 we have been working with Hollandia on a safety campaign. The central question of this moment is “What is Hollandia doing about safety?”. With this part of the campaign, Hollandia wants to show that not only employees are responsible for their safety in the workplace, but Hollandia plays a big role as well. ‍♂️

The creation.

To draw attention to a topic as important as safety there is more needed than one animation. Based on an internal strategy for safety awareness, we create visual content that fits each theme. The big goal of the campaign is to make sure employees are aware of working safely in the workspace as well as at home.

First of all, we created the safety mascot Buddy, he makes an appearance in almost every visual expression and explains everything about safety. In addition, we created ‘Clumsy Henk’, an employee who did not comply sufficiently with safety measures and ended up in a cast.

With these two characters in the lead, we made a series of animations, a couple of explainer films, various infographic posters, a coloring page, coffee cups, and even a card game. All content surrounding the safety campaign is shared via www.veiligheidbijhollandia.nl/en/.

Coloring page.

Infographic poster.

In addition to the animation series, we made several infographic posters to reinforce the message of working safely. On this poster, we see ‘Clumsy Henk’ with his leg in a cast and the consequences of his accident on his environment.

Cartboard safety mascot Buddy.

Card game.

Explainer film.

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The script.

You may not notice it at first, but Hollandia does a lot to ensure your safety. As we have always done. What used to be completely normal isn’t anymore. Activities and processes change, and so does our approach to safety.

Instead of starting the work right away, we first look at the possible risks. This already starts during the design phase. Based on the assessed risks we implement measures. If additional knowledge is required, Hollandia provides the necessary training. At the start of a project, we go over the agreements made and the work to be done.

We continue to evaluate the situation while the work is carried out. When necessary, we will take action to improve overall safety.

This is how we at Hollandia ensure a reliable working environment together! How can you contribute? Think, act, and show safety.

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