Corporate Video laten maken

With video marketing we essentially use videos and animations as online commercials. Compared to more traditional methods of marketing you will be able to reach a lot more people within a much smaller budget. We use scientifically proven methods such as SEO and SEA to get your message to thousands of viewers, ensuring higher conversions rates and steep increases in client turnover. With our methods we attain a maximal and measurable effect with the video we made you. In other words, our video marketing techniques will ensure that your investment pays off.

Video Marketing laten maken


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Client experience | Royal Cosun

For Royal Cosun we’ve produced several animations and corporate films for both internal and external communication. Learn how they’ve experienced our collaboration for one of these productions.

They trust us.

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Determining goals

In a strategy session that lasts about 2 hours we will discuss the goals you aim to achieve. We also formulate the Key Performance Indicators for each phase of the process.

Setting up the campaign

In this step we make sure that everything is ready to go. We optimise your YouTube channel, upload video’s of the highest quality and set up the video campaign.


Ready for take-off! Now we’ve put everything into motion. Furthermore, we guide your target audience through every phase of the SEE – THINK – DO model in a structural manner.


During the THINK and DO phases of the process we use your audience’s interests to employ specific content through remarketing. Consequently, your target audience will see your message at exactly the right time.