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Custom Animation


In 2020, Yenlo was faced with a major challenge: creating an oprational digital platform as soon as possible to support the European CoronaCheck app. It was our job to explain how they did it and what safety factors were taken into account. 📱

The creation.

Yenlo offers solutions for digital transformations. For the GGD (Dutch Public Health Service), Yenlo developed a digital platform that would support the data stream of the European CoronaCheck Passport and all parties involved. Yenlo opted for a Custom Animation to explain their services. This way, it is communicated clearly that the company is able to develop a well-functioning and safe digital platform in a short period of time, for your company as well.

For this animation we designed a unique and dynamic style. by using various design and animation tools, the 2D images get a 3D look. Ultimately, the animation can be used for various purposes; within a video campaign for YouTube, for an online commercial, for a business presentation and for the website.

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The script.

March 2020, the COVID-19 virus takes over the earth. The world goes into lockdown. In two weeks, millions of Dutch citizens have to participate in a source and contact investigation. In two months, a vaccination program for 24 million injections is launched. And in no time the European CoronaCheck App must become operational.

An unprecedented challenge. Who can safely communicate personal data out of dozens of organizations from 18 million people in over two million messages a day? Yenlo!

We are the creators of Connext: an integration-platform between the CoronaCheckApp and all parties involved. The Connext platform structures data from countless test results, millions of megabytes and thousands of vaccination certificates. Safe, scalable and robust. This service is applicable to all industries.

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