Vereniging voor Schematherapie – Schema therapy

Vereniging voor Schematherapie

Schema therapy


Custom Animation

Schema therapy is a treatment for personality disorders. The Vereniging for Schematherapie (Association for Schema Therapy) opted for a customized animation to give viewers more insight into what schema therapy is, why it works and what it could mean for them.

The script.

Schema therapy. What is it, and how can it help you?

Schema therapy is a treatment for personality disorders. It makes you aware of your feelings and thoughts and helps overcome persistent life patterns.

All children have basic needs, like security and connection. When children don’t get their needs met, they have to find ways to cope. However the way you learn to cope with challenging situations as a child can pose problems later on.

How you perceive and interpret situations are called “schemas”. For example, maybe you are mistrustful, or feel inferior. Your schemas make you think and feel in unrealistic ways. Then, when you throw in coping you get a mode. A mode is how you think, feel and behave at a particular moment. Schema therapy helps you recognize your schemas and modes and approach things differently.

You can break old patterns and get more out of life.