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DHL started as the first international delivery service and grew into the largest logistics company worldwide. With the Customs Standalone Solutions, DHL makes all customs processes easy and accessible.

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Did you know that Apollo 11 had to declare their samples to customs, when returning from the moon?

Dealing with the complex customs processes yourself sometimes feels like dealing with a whole other planet. Continually changing laws and regulations Dealing with different forwarders and carriers. Even the smallest mistake can lead to penalties or completely shut down your supply chain!

Here we can help! DHL Customs Standalone Solutions controls all your customs processes, even when you move your freight via other suppliers!

We are your single point of contact seven days a week. Our team of experts are up to date with knowledge of laws and regulations. They will make sure you reach the highest standard of compliancy!

So, no matter where and how you want to move your freight: we make all customs processes easy and accessible so you can focus on your core business!

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