Is the immortal jellyfish our answer to a never ending life?

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Is the immortal jellyfish our answer to a never ending life?


Turritopsis Dohrni a.k.a. the immortal jellyfish. One of the few creatures on this planet that could live forever. Therefore, many scientists are interested in the abilities of this jellyfish, and what it can do for mankind. But every life ends, doesn’t it? Learn more about this remarkable immortal jellyfish in less than one minute. Check out our newest AnyStory!

The execution.

At Cooler Media, we spend a large amount of our time on free projects in the form of AnyStories. The only requirement: “Make it cool!” We’re confident it worked out with this animation about the mysterious marine animal that can reverse its aging process: the Turritopsis Dohrnii.

For this AnyStory we used animation techniques we haven’t used very often. Because the story takes place in the dark, underwater world we used so-called ‘glows’ and light effects to light up specific objects. By playing with the dark and light in de video we created a mysterious atmosphere.

Cooler Media - Jamie O'Brien

“It was a cool challenge to recreate the movements of the mysterious jellyfish as naturally as possible!””
– Technical Animator Jamie