CBL – Collaboration Fresh Food Chain

Client:Centraal Bureau Levensmiddelenhandel (CBL)

Subject:Collaboration Fresh Food Chain


Style:Custom Animation

Story:The CBL represents the interests of Dutch supermarkets and food service companies. This animation explains how all parties in the fresh food chain should work together to face the challenges of the food industry.

The script.

Every product in a supermarket has gone through a

food chain, from farmer, via processors onto the shelf. Not all products from the Dutch food chain ends up in a Dutch supermarket. On average, 80% of all fresh products are exported.

Our society changes and so does the Dutch food chain. Consumers expect more convenience. The society demands a higher level of sustainability. And there is an increasing insecurity within the food chain about prices and government regulations. To meet these challenges the entire food chain needs to work closely together.

According to research by EFMI Business School there are a few important conditions for strong food chain cooperation. Like trust- in each other, a strong focus on consumer needs and open communication about innovative concepts.

In the future, we expect technological developments will be used to better identify customer needs. This allows collaboration and concepts to be improved.

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