This is what our customers have to say.

Fleur Loef | Auxilium Offshore B.V.

Auxilium Offshore challenged us to create an animation that shows the company’s mission and service. In this video you can see how they experienced the entire proces from idea to the final animation.

Jeroen Helders | Royal Cosun

Royal Cosun has already made several animation and corporate films. These videos are used for both internal and external purposes. See how the company experienced the collaboration for one of the animations.

Floor Bökkerink | Prinses Beatrix Spierfonds

We created an Annual Report for the Prinses Beatrix Spierfonds in which the most important facts and figures are stated. Next to that, the animation is used for other promotional purposes as well. In this video they tell more about it.

Madelon Thijs | HLB Van Daal

HLB van Daal & Partners was looking for an original way to explain a subject such as Budget Day clearly, but lightly. An animation is very suitable for this. Madelon tells us how she experienced the process of production.

Jeroen de Maeyer | Mentorprise

Sometimes you have to think outside the box to come with a great concept. That’s what we did for Mentorprise. Curious how they experienced this process? Check it out in the video review.

Dick de Vries | Schaffenburg

Animations are great to show different steps. That’s why Schaffenburg chose to create an animation. As Dick says in the video himself “There is no better way than to clarify this process with an animation”. View his experience here.

Lukas van de Water | H2O Marine

25.000 views in a short time and relevant leads generated by YouTube. By implementing the right video strategy H2O Marine & Cooler Media were able to reach the great results. Lukas (entrepreneur) explains why video is effective.