Our method.

Each of our services is different and has a unique process. Yet there are three global steps we always need to take:

Choose a service.

Concept & Script

The first step of the process is developing the general concept and script of the animation. Once you have chosen the style of animation you wish to go ahead with, we plan a ‘Magic Meeting’. During this meeting, you tell us everything about your service, product, or idea and we translate that concept onto the screen. Together we develop a concrete script with voice-over lines. Of course, all this is based on your needs, preferences, and budget. Furthermore, this meeting will end when we have created a portrayal of the first shots of the animation in the form of a storyboard.

Werkwijze - animatie laten maken

Werkwijze - Animatie laten maken

Storyboard & Visual Design

During this step of the process, we flesh out the first sketches of the storyboard and the complementary lines. Everything will be transformed into definitive designs and text for the characters, symbols, or icons. Using what is essentially a comic, though we call it a ‘Visual Design’, we present our work to you. In this Visual Design, we portray every shot with its lines and an explanation of the visual. This ensures that you know exactly what the animation will end up looking like, allowing you to give feedback. With your consent, we begin with the actual production process.


Now your animation will come to life! A couple of days after you approve the ‘Visual Design’, we will send you the first version of the animation. This version will already be enhanced with the voice actor’s lines but not yet with sound effects. After we have received your feedback we will produce a definitive version. Naturally, this version will include exciting sound effects. With your blessing on that version, we will proceed to round off production.


Once we have developed your animation, you will no longer have to repeatedly explain your product, idea, or service. We have provided you with a clear and powerful way of doing so! But do you know how you will use your animation? Do you only reach your network or can you now get your message to prospective clients? In the last step of the production period, we will help you with this! With our Video Marketing package, we distribute your animation across the internet. We not only use familiar and proven techniques (SEO/SEA) but also less widespread methods (Magic) to promote your brand awareness and turnover.


You have the knowledge, we transform it into a script. To convey your idea, we need to understand it. Therefore we schedule a meeting to ask you what exactly it is you want to communicate, who your audience is, what kind of experience you wish to provide that audience, and much more. All of these elements and the storyline will be incorporated into the script.


Once you are completely satisfied with the script, we start shooting! Our three-headed camera crew will travel to the desired location and spend the whole day getting in every shot necessary to convey your unique message.


Having all the necessary visual material we can start transforming the shots into an explainer video. In this phase of the process, we use professional techniques such as colour correction and supplementing the visuals with interesting sound effects and music. This will ensure that your explainer video will have a movie-like effect. All this and more will guarantee that the video can perfectly address your target audience with the right message.


The explainer video is complete. However, it has not yet reached your target audience. With our extensive experience in video marketing, we can help you with this as well. With our scientifically tested techniques, we can ascertain that we will distribute your newly developed film to the right people. Naturally, this will boost your website views and brand awareness.
Would you like us to make you an explainer video? Give us a call or click on the button beneath!

Research & Theme

The first step is to schedule a meeting where we’ll discuss the content. After this, we start analysing and structuring the information. By replacing text with clear illustrations we substantially reduce the amount of text necessary to convey your message. If need be, we conduct some additional research. In this phase, you also choose whether you would like a customized infographic or one of our pre-designed styles. Based on all this we develop the first sketch. You are immediately granted the opportunity to provide feedback. This allows us to start on the final design that matches your every wish as soon as possible.


During this phase of the production process, we combine the concepts, sketches, and text into a first version of the infographic. Depending on the package you choose, we either develop a customized visual or use our pre-designed icons. Needless to say, we give a personal twist to every design. Additionally, you are invited to offer feedback on all aspects of the design. After the design period, we can also animate your infographic in a complimentary video.


To get the most out of your investment, we can help you with the online marketing of the infographic. This is an optional phase but one we have vast experience in. We can help you spread your message and allow it to reach your target audience. To do this, we use smart and proven online marketing techniques. This way, you can ensure that your product, idea, or service captures the attention of your potential clients.

Determining the goal

In a strategy session that lasts about 2 hours, we will discuss the goals you aim to achieve. We also formulate the Key Performance Indicators for each phase of the process.

Setting up the campaign

In this step, we make sure that everything is ready to be launched. We optimise your YouTube channel, upload videos of the highest quality, and set up the video campaign.


Ready for take-off! Now we’ve put everything into motion. Furthermore, we guide your target audience through every phase of the SEE – THINK – DO model structurally.


During the THINK and DO phases of the process, we use your audience’s interests to employ specific content through remarketing. Consequently, your target audience will see your message at the right time.


Using a monthly infographic report you will be able to tell which of your aims have already been realised. As mentioned before, we formulate these goals using Key Performance Indicators. Using the reports and feedback we continuously optimise our online campaign for the videos we made you!